An Experiment with Helium

My Idealab article "The San Jose Mercury News and Gary Webb" is now posted to Helium (which promises writers democracy and money) in the Internet as a threat to newspapers thread.

It debuted at 12 of 22, which is interesting, since it of course had no ratings whatsoever.

Helium strips all hyperlinks which is itself the antithesis of the Internet. (The site also stripped the ç from my name, which is unforgivable.)

Rating articles only seems to be done in head-to-head matchups. If there's an article you find you like while browsing the site normally, I can't see that you can get to rate it.

The user interface is clunky in surprising ways for a sophisticated site launching after an extended beta ("Click here to do such-and-such" with only the "Click here" part – which is rather 1998, anyway – linked in a color virtually indistinguishable from regular text).


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