Senate Confirms Torture Proponent to Next Attorney General

This is despicable.

It goes on Root Truth because it's so blatantly despicable that the news media should be covering it in a way that conveys its despicableness. But of course the media is a key part of how the despicable and absurd can be presented as ordinary and commonplace. George Orwell's line about imprecise words softening the outlines of hard facts like a soft snow on a garden.

(Actually Orwell's quotation is nothing like that, but it makes the same point.)

Glenn Greenwald puts it this way: "What Happened to the Senate’s ‘60-Vote Requirement’?"

Over and over again this year, Republican filibusters were depicted (both by Senate Democrats and the media) as nothing more the routine need to obtain the “60 votes required” for passage of any measure in the Senate. That “requirement” was said to apply to everything, including immigration (”The Senate voted 52-44 for the DREAM Act, but 60 votes were required to end debate“); Iraq withdrawal timetables (”Support is expected to top 50 votes but fall short of the 60 required“); troop leave requirements (”Webb’s Iraq bill inches closer to 60 . . . . Winning at least three of those Republicans over could give the Democrats the 60 votes they need“); and warrantless surveillance (”Democratic-sponsored bill failed to reach the 60-vote majority“).


But it isn’t true that there is a “60-vote requirement,” because only Republicans are willing to impose it. Democrats won’t, even on what they claim are the gravest of matters, such as confirming someone as Attorney General who is “dead wrong on torture” and who won’t even “tell the president that he cannot ignore the laws passed by Congress.”

Greenwald's whole article is worth a read.


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