The Long View

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George Salzman wrote:

“The first signs of the [1910] revolution in Mexico surprised the United States press. It disseminated confused, contradictory, decontextualized, at times without any source, plagues of rumors and speculations as news. Apparently it neither knew nor understood what was happening further than its southern frontier when the revolution exploded… At the end of November the editorial pages of the Washington Post and the New York Times gave assurance that Madero’s movement would have no future.”

We see the same thing today, in the commercial media’s efforts to insure that Americans remain ignorant of the Zapatista 1994 uprising and continuing struggle, and of the popular current struggle for liberation in Oaxaca. Calculated ignorance for the bulk of the population is the principal product of the corporate media, in the U.S. and everywhere.

Our best strategy for countering the imposed ignorance lies in a global truly grassroots news and information network, made by ordinary everyday people like ourselves, individually neither wealthy nor powerful but numerous...

Disclosure: I volunteer (do the banking) at the Fund for Authentic Journalism.


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