What's important- no way people (or a 12-sided die) could do worse than our media corporations

KathyF, on March 20th, 2008 at 12:11 am said in a comment on The Field:

Hmmm. This morning I’m inclined to step back and view the overall picture here.

We have one candidate whose pastor made outrageous remarks, with accompanying video being played non-stop a la the Dean Scream while his disavowals of the remarks are twisted and ignored.

Meanwhile we have a candidate who has has been proven to have lied (or at least equivocated mightily) about her support for NAFTA, a trade agreement that goes to the heart of America’s economic woes and our relationships with our neighbors.

At the same time another candidate is shown to be fundamentally ignorant about the basic ideology of the participants in the Iraq War.

Two of these situations are not like the other. Two of these situations affect America and Americans in fundamental ways. Only one of these candidates has been honest, truthful, and accurate, sometimes to a fault.

The question is, which story will the media focus on today?


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