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Politics, economics, and how misery is caused for elite private benefit

To understand international political economy, understand Haiti:

"Hope for wireless cities fade," but it's not like it could be the fault of the massive telecom lobby


This takes the prize for lies of omission today.

"Hopes for Wireless Cities Fade as Internet Providers Pull Out"

And I think I've respected Ian Urbina's other articles. Maybe the facts were hacked out of this one farther up the hierarchy.

No mention, in a story that focused on Philadelphia's problems, that incumbent providers (such as Verizon) can block any such bill everywhere else in Pennsylvania.

I was waiting for someone to explain the takedown of Eliot Spitzer

Greg Palast stepped up.

Just the biggest corporate criminals of our era (and that's saying a lot).

All reporting should be investigative reporting

As far as Google and Yahoo are concerned, this is the first occurence of the phrase "all reporting should be investigative reporting" on a web page.

Yet in my experience more than a few crusty editors, idealistic young reporters, and journalism professors will evince a belief that all reporting should be investigative. From the crusty editor types, it's likely to be phrased as "all reporting is investigative reporting"— anything else isn't worthy of the label reporting or journalism. All too often, that dismisses the subject, when a little investigating would suggest that precious little reporting is investigative.

Excellent Definition of News from Yahoo

Michael Oreskes, in his keynote address to the Online News Association's conference in Toronto, highlighted a definition of journalism (which for the purposes here overlap with defining news) that he lifted from the previous day's keynote by Hilary Schneider of Yahoo. I think they're excellent:

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