Colombia Trade Agreement pushed by Bush: News Coverage and Context?

Hat tip to Narco News Bulletin.

Is the proposed pushed agreement being covered? Given the history of NAFTA, and the so-called War on Drugs, just maybe it should be considered important enough – in terms of impact on people's lives (economic opportunity, drugs, and the unprecedented policing and jailing of a population based largely on drug charges) – for full and complete coverage?

Documents Detail Narco-Paramilitary Connection to Anti-Escobar Task Force
Most Definitive Declassified Evidence to Date Linking U.S. Government to a Colombian Paramilitary Group
By Michael Evans
The National Security Archive

Colombian President Uribe Confirms U.S. Unions' Fears
AFL-CIO Delegation Travels to Colombia, South America – the “Most Dangerous Country in the World for Trade Unionists”
By Dan Kovalik
The Huffington Post

Trade and War: Take Action to stop the Free Trade Agreement with Colombia

(Note: Free Trade is a propaganda term applied to laws which are more accurately called Capital Rights Agreements.)


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