Democracy Happens, but VPs of Paramilitary Corporations Don't Have to Like (or Accept) It

A Blackwater vice president, Brian Bonfiglio, on the high-turnout (59 percent) local election for an advisory Planning Board that saw victories of between 63 and 71 percent for opponents of Blackwater's proposed military training camp, removing all five members that had supported it of .

“I feel bad that people that I believe were serving the community were removed based on political influences.”

You bad 299 people out of 507 voting, each and every one of you is a political influence. And every red, white, and blue blooded American hates political influences.

How is the Daily Tribune reporter Anne Krueger able to report this (in "Vote Unlikely To Deter Blackwater") with a straight face?

(This election clearly illustrates popular will – I'm sure normal planning board elections don't see 59 percent turnout! – but even .59 * .71 = .43 — just to point out that there's hardly ever been a fair election that gave a government the legitimacy of real popular support. The anarchist in me says that governments should only exist by people's explicit consent. Would that get you to go and vote– or would you vote for 'none of the above'?)


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