In the interest of accuracy, did the Bush regime's war on Iraq inspire Iran to stop nuclear research?

A few preliminary points:

  • No government or other entity should be developing or using nuclear weapons or nuclear power (let alone subsidizing it).
  • Given U.S. government stockpiling and development of nuclear weapons and support of nuclear power, stopping Iran from doing nuclear research is not a legitimate policy.
  • The U.S. invasion of Iraq is wrong and horrible and terrible on so many levels, primarily destroying people's lives in Iraq and in the United States (and places affected by global warming) that there is simply nothing that could justify it.

That said, (and surely this claim must be being made constantly in reactionary media that I don't receive?) if Iran really did stop their nuclear research program in 2003 (and not, as is probably the case, well before), could the insane invasion of its neighbor by nuclear-armed US have played into the decision?

I expected the invasion of Iraq, a country everyone knew didn't have so-called weapons of mass destruction – not since using on Iran the chemical arsenal supplied by the United States – to inspire every self-preservation minded dictatorship or democracy to get all the nuclear weapons they could. Especially given the contrast in treatment with North Korea.

If the NIE report is accurate, though, I may be wrong.

To return to the more important unrelated points: you do not attack a country or anything that is not attacking anybody.


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