False narrative and the 2000 presidential campaign: getting away with slander

... that led rather directly to getting away with murder. (If, that is, you'll accept the civilians killed in a couple immoral wars and the deaths of prisoners never charged with anything as murder directly under the authority of the executive branch-- it's much more direct than the vastly larger number of poverty-related deaths in this country and around the world.)

How False Narrative Works for the corrupt and evil, against our common needs. By Robert, Sam and Nat Parry.

in the weeks before Election 2000, Aretino Industries, a pro-Republican group from Texas, ran an emotional ad modeled after Lyndon Johnson’s infamous 1964 commercial that showed a girl picking a daisy before the screen dissolved into a nuclear explosion.

The ad remake accused the Clinton-Gore administration of selling vital nuclear secrets to communist China, in exchange for campaign donations in 1996. The compromised nuclear secrets, the ad stated, gave China “the ability to threaten our homes with long-range nuclear warheads.”

But the ad – which aired in “swing” states including Ohio, Michigan, Missouri and Pennsylvania – was filled with disinformation. The actual evidence was that the key breach in national security, contributing to the modernization of China’s nuclear arsenal, occurred in the 1980s, not the 1990s.

In other words, the secrets were lost during the Reagan-Bush administration, not the Clinton-Gore administration.

And this loosening of security came from getting the Chinese government to do the U.S. government's very dirty work in Nicaragua.


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